Return to the Youth Awareness Workshop on the Francophonie

Saturday, April 8 marked an important day for the ECSNB with the holding of our awareness workshop on the Francophonie. The event, which took place at the Center des Arts et de la Culture de Dieppe, saw the enthusiastic participation of young leaders and thinkers from our community. The workshop was led by inspiring personalities such as Mariama Lania Ziba, internal vice-president of the AAÉICUM, and Jorvial Orchoi Oshundu, Founder-Social Worker at the University of Moncton, who shared their perspectives on cultural diversity , leadership and bilingualism in New Brunswick. Aaron Kamondo and Ernest Ndizeye enriched the dialogue with insights on the importance of law and civic engagement, while Samuel Milenge Isimbu contributed as an organizer within ECSNB. The debates were followed by a dinner offering a friendly space for more personal exchanges, consolidating ties within our French-speaking community. A general knowledge competition was also held, adding a touch of friendly competition to the atmosphere of camaraderie. This workshop was not only a learning space, but also a celebration of our rich Francophone heritage and a recognition of the vitality of youth engaged in the social fabric of our province. We are proud of these moments of sharing and reflection, and we look forward to the next initiatives. Stay tuned for more ECSNB news!