Activity Detail


Our recent volunteer fun day was a wonderful opportunity to thank those who are the heart and soul of our association. In a relaxing and warm setting, we were able to share moments of conviviality and relaxation, well deserved after months of commitment and hard work. This day was an opportunity to get together outside the usual context of missions and projects, to simply enjoy a moment together, recharge our batteries and celebrate our collective achievements. On the program: well-being activities, informal exchanges, and above all lots of laughter and relaxation. These moments spent together not only strengthened the bonds between our volunteers, but also served to remind us of the importance of each individual contribution to our common mission. It is thanks to the commitment and passion of each person that our association continues to prosper and make a difference in the community. We are infinitely grateful to all of our volunteers for their unwavering dedication. This day was for you, as a sign of our gratitude and appreciation. We look forward to our next projects and events, and we know we can count on an extraordinary team of volunteers to bring them to fruition.